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Book Launch, Reading
& Celebration

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Tigertail, A South Florida Poetry Annual:
Sunstruck Matches


Monday, October 28, 2013
8:00 pm


This event is FREE
Signed books available for purchase

Note that this event has already taken place, but you can see it on the web ------------------->


This event will be live streamed.
Go HERE to be there!

Books & Books
265 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables


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Ten years of poetry annuals will be celebrated, honoring the editors of all 10 books. Sunstruck Matches, edited by Jen Karetnick, explores the theme of "pairings." Thirty-two poets and writers with connections to Florida – some acting together as collaborators on single pieces, a few writing in response to each other, and others working solo – contribute poetry, flash fiction and flash creative nonfiction. Each piece explores the idea of what it means to be paired, and the result is a unique and eclectic compilation that is a feast for the senses. The cover image is by Francie Bishop Good.

The reading was live streamed and is archived. Click here to see it now. Note that you must forward through the intro frames about 4-1/2 minutes to the beginning of the event.

Writers included in this volume are: Elisa Albo, Jill M. Allen, Kevin Allen, John Balaban, Kacee Belcher, C.M. Clark, J.J. Colagrande, Neil De La Flor, Andrea Dulanto, Nicholas Garnett, Zan Gay, Corey Ginsberg, Terry Godbey, Lola Haskins, Michael Hettich, Paula Kolek, John Kramel, Mia Leonin, Christopher Louvet, Jesse Millner, Caridad Moro, Lauren Doyle Owens, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Catherine Prescott, Katherine Riegel, Juan C. Sanchez, Peter Schmitt, Maureen Seaton, Brenda Serotte, Ira Sukrungruang, Carol Todaro and Michael Trammell.

The book is supported through a Mini Grant from the Florida Humanities Council, "Sunstruck, a Ten Year Celebration."

Funding for this program was provided through a grant from the Florida Humanities Council with funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication and program do not necessarily represent those of the Florida Humanities Council or the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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