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ScreenDance Miami 2014


Thursday-Sunday, January 23-26, 2014

Opening night:
Thursday, January 23, 2014, 7:00 pm

All other screenings: 8:00 pm


Opening night:
$12 general admission
$9 student/senior
$8 Cinematheque members

All other screenings, at Inkub8:
$10 General Admission

[Note that this event already took place.]

Opening night:
Miami Beach Cinematheque
1130 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach

All other screenings & workshops:
2021 NW 1st Place
Miami (Wynwood)


There is a large, public parking lot directly behind Miami Beach Cinematheque.
Click for a Google map to
MB Cinematheque

Click for a Google map to Inkub8

ScreenDance Miami is a new Tigertail project. It highlights Miami-based choreographers, movers and filmmakers who are working with emerging and new concepts in regard to movement and dance on film and dance on camera. The festival has been created to support South Florida professionals in this field and to support the development of dance created for the camera. ScreenDance Miami is comprised of screenings, panel discussions, workshops and site-specific installations. The festival films were selected by ScreenDance Miami festival director Marissa Alma Nick, following an open submission process. Screenings will also include a program of selected Open Submissions on Friday evening, January 24, and Invited Submissions on Saturday evening, January 25.

Opening Night screenings at Miami Beach Cinemateque will feature Another Building – a series of three narrative dance films, Savoneta, Quarantine and Kasita, by choreographer and filmmaker Gabri Christa. Kasita is the third film of the series and will be premiered at the festival. These films take place in and around historical buildings and sites connected to Dutch history and feature original music by Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid, movement by Niles Ford and MacArthur Fellow Kyle Abraham Filmed on location in Curaçao and Bonaire, the films take the audience on a visual and poetic journey of mystery, adventure, dreams and love. This screening will be followed by a discussion with guest artist Gabri Christa, moderated by Helena Thevenot. The three Another Building films will be shown again at Inkub8 on Sunday evening for those who missed the opening night screening or who wish to get another look at these films.

The remaining ScreenDance Miami events all take place at Inkub8. There will be screenings of the selected Open Submissions on Friday evening, preceded by a panel discussion. Screenings of Invited Artist's films will take place Saturday evening. Each evening of screenings will be followed by an open discussion. Saturday and Sunday afternoons will feature workshops covering a full range of topics relating to dance on film. These workshops are free and open to all. Friday through Sunday there will be a continuous bathroom film installation of mujer_cita_MIA by Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez and an outdoor site installation by Gabriel Forestieri entitled Lobbytop.

Gabri Christa, a native of Curaçao, lives and works in New York City with her husband. musician Vernon Reid. She brings to her filmmaking a background as a choreographer and performer. Christa has received many awards for her choreography and short films, including a Guggenheim Fellowship. Her short films have screened at the Dance on Camera Dance Theater Workshop, CINEDANS Amsterdam, Nueva Film Festival Tokyo, Bonn Film Festival, Denver Pan-African Film Festival, among others. Her film High School was awarded a Creative Excellence Award from ABC television.

Read the wonderful ScreenDance Miami article by Jordan Levin in The Miami Herald

View the fine video produced for ArtBurst Miami by Carlos Ochoa and Mia Leonin, featuring an interview with ScreenDance Miami Director Marissa Alma Nick, and companion article by Mia Leonin.

Download the ScreenDance Miami flyer (PDF – 255 kb)

Complete ScreenDance Miami 2014 Schedule of Events

Thursday, January 23, 2014:
Location: Miami Beach Cinematheque, 1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach
$12 general admission, $9 student/senior, $8 Cinematheque members

7:00 PM:
• Mary Luft and Marissa Alma Nick: Welcome to ScreenDance Miami 2014

• Screening: Gabri Christa's: Another Building: Parts 1, 2, & 3 (Premiere of Part 3: Kasita)

• Post Film Discussion: The Making of Another Building with Guest Artist: Gabri Christa. Moderator: Helena Thevenot

Friday, January 24, 2014:
Location: Inkub8, 2021 NW 1st Place, Miami

• Continuous bathroom film installation by Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez, mujer_cita_MIA
• Outdoor Site Installation Friday and Saturday by Gabriel Forestieri, Lobbytop

7:00 PM:
• Panel Discussion: A Brief Description and History of Screendance with featured artists: Lynne Wimmer, Dara Friedman. Moderator: Helena Thevenot

8:00 PM:
• Screenings: ScreenDance Miami Open Submissions, followed by discussion. $10 general admission.
Films by: Karime Arabia, I See You, Do You See Me?; Lucia Aratanha, Tattoo; John Beauregard Gravity Fly; Robert Belle, Skateboard Project; Lydia Bittner-Baird, The Photo; Octavio Campos, Intention Intervention; Lazaro Godoy, Elegua; Danielle Kipnis, No Trespassing; Marissa Alma Nick, Weight-ing: They Are; Emily Noe, Moving Through; Carlota Pradera, Borrowed Spaces; Katie Wiegman, Ascend; Brittany Williams, Ah! of Breaks; Pioneer Winter, Amy

Saturday, January 25, 2014:
Location: Inkub8, 2021 NW 1st Place, Miami

1:00 PM:
• Workshop: The Importance of Content with featured artist: Lynne Wimmer

2:00 PM:
• Workshop: Our Art Biz (legal advice for collaborative arts and video-sharing on the internet) with guest speaker Marlon Hill

3:00 - 5:00 PM:
• Workshop: Dara Friedman / SACRE 101 PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP "LIVE DEMO" Part 1 of 2-parts.
The workshop will involve personal and active participation and interpretive dance. We will break down and make visible both a participating and passive camera when filming dance, the role of sound recording, camera lenses and the process and relationship between dancer and filmmaker. In Part 1 of the workshop we will actively listen to Stravinsky's Sacre de Printemps, which is celebrating its 101st birthday this year. This preparation stage is crucial for both the dancer and filmmaker and will lay the groundwork for Part 2 of the workshop in which we will record the performances with two cameras. A document of this workshop will be exhibited at the Migros Museum's exhibition SACRE 101 in Zurich, Swizterland opening February 14, 2014.

5:00 PM:
• Workshop: Creating a New Point of View (choreographing & composition for the camera) with guest artist Gabri Christa

8:00 PM:
• Screenings: ScreenDance Miami Invited Artists, followed by discussion. $10 general admission.
Films by: Dale Andree, Miana Jun & Lynne Wimmer, Between Earth and Sea; Jacqueline Bulnes, In 2 Us; Carla Forte, Interrupta; Dara Friedman, Dancer; Rosie Herrera, Various Stages of Drowning: A Cabaret; Victoria Marks, Men; Yara Travieso, Laid in Earth; Antonia Wright, Drinks on Me; Juan Carlos Zaldivar, Shift

Sunday, January 26, 2014:
Location: Inkub8, 2021 NW 1st Place, Miami

1:00 PM:
• Workshop: Getting Ahead (tech talk with Carlos Javier, Apple specialist and camera operator)

2:00 PM:
• Webinar: Dances Made to Order (What is it? How does it work?) with guest speaker: Kingsley Irons

3:00 - 6:00 PM:
• Workshop: Dara Friedman / Part 2 of 2-part workshop (see description above: 3-5pm Saturday)

7:00 PM:
• Screening: Gabri Christa’s: Another Building: Parts 1, 2, & 3. $10 general admission

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