José Luis Rodriguez
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photo credit: Geo Geller



Tuesday, December 10, 2013
8:00 pm

[Note that this event already took place.]


$25 General Admission

Coral Gables Congregational Church
3010 De Soto Boulevard
Coral Gables


Coral Gables Congregational Church
has a large, free, parking lot, with
the addition of street parking
Click here for a Google map

A Solo Evening with Noted Spanish Nu Flamenco Guitarist

Read the excellent preview article in ArtBurst by Fernando Gonzalez

José Luis Rodriguez is among the most important Spanish guitarists of his generation. His music is characterized by his expansive interpretation, composition and impeccable technique. José Luis comes from the school of Mario Escudero, a virtuoso who helped spread flamenco far beyond Spain.

Son of a Spanish doctor practicing in Chaouen, Morocco, José Luis Rodriguez relocated with his family to the Andalusian area of Spain, in 1971. Rodriguez says "It all began in Morocco, where, as a very young boy I became fascinated by the chants calling to prayer, the 'cante' flamenco in my father's old gramophone and that little guitar that I could barely grab. My destiny forged itself around a guitar, around flamenco and the mixture of sounds that surrounded me."

José Luis has performed to great acclaim in Paris, London, Buenos Aires, New York, Barcelona and many other world cities. Armed with a classical background as well as flamenco training, Rodriguez approaches the guitar like an orchestra. Although he is left-handed, his instrument is strung in the standard right-handed fashion. The strength of his left hand working the frets creates a distinctive, powerful technique.

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