Nervous City Orchestra
by Livio Tragtenberg

Like a conductor using a remote control rather than a baton, Brazilian saxophonist and composer Livio Tragtenberg brings to the stage his full evening "Nervous City Orchestra", a high and low tech musical project with 12 acoustic musicians and a video artist. This real-time musical score is a conducted meld of acoustic music, sampling, surfing and layering. Haitian, Peruvian, Cuban and other musicians from the belly of Miami's cultural Diaspora perform live on acoustic instruments. Real-time video artist BentonC. Bainbridge, who created video for the recent Beastie Boys tour, provides the live video mix for "Nervous City Orchestra". The only traditional part of this orchestra is the tuxedo that the musicians wear on stage. This is an acoustic/tech orchestra like none you have ever experienced.

"Nervous City Orchestra" (Neuropolis) was first performed by São Paulo, Brazil's, professional street musicians. It premiered to great praise in October, 2004. Brazilian composer/musician Livio Tragtenberg works part of the year in Germany composing music for German theater, dance and opera companies. The other part of the year he provides music for independent film in Brazil and creates his own independent projects. His music emerges from the spirit of John Cage and Brazil's own visual and concrete poetry movement. A Guggenheim scholar, he has taught composition at universities.

We thank those who support us. We believe that community involvement is essential. This performance is funded, in part, by the National Endowment for the Art in partnership with the Southern Arts Federation and the State of Florida.

Friday & Saturday
April 1-2, 2005
8:30 pm

Byron Carlyle Theater
500 71st Street
Miami Beach, FL